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what is fairy tale
Choose one of the versions of “Little Red Riding Hood” that we have read. In an essay of approximately 1000 words, analyze whether or not the story you have chosen is a fairy tale. You will need to define what constitutes a “fairy tale” using either the “Form Is Fairy Tale” by Kate Bernheimer or “The Struggle for Meaning” by Bruno Bettelheim. (Do not do additional research or look at sources from outside of class.)

In your paper, you will need to do the following (although not in this particular order):
• Make a debatable claim that is an interpretive response to a conceptual problem or question in the context of a larger conversation. We will talk more about this requirement and the standard three-part “CPR Introduction” (Context, Problem, Response) in class. To come up with your claim, you may take one of these two approaches, or you may take a hybrid approach:
Define what a fairy tale is, and support this definition using evidence from your chosen LRRH retelling. Your interpretation of whether or not the story is a fairy tale may cause you to question Bettelheim’s or Bernheimer’s definitions, or disagree with a component of his or her theory. If this is the case, you may want to argue for a new definition of “fairy tale” that partially or entirely opposes the critic’s theory.
Argue whether the LRRH retelling you choose is or is not a fairy tale. Your argument may be nuanced: for example, you may argue that it is a fairy tale even though it does not fit all of Bettelheim’s or Bernheimer’s criteria. Sophisticated essays don’t simply agree or disagree with the claim they are responding to; they may qualify, extend, elaborate, refute, or apply another’s argument, or support or complicate their own argument.
At some point, briefly summarize the critic’s theory about what a fairy tale is. Remember, you are summarizing this theory for the purpose of using it to interpret the story you have chosen, so you should focus on elements of the definition that will be most useful to your claim and analysis.

Analyze the tale using “claims, reasons, and evidence.” The success of your paper will rest on the strength of your analysis of the tale. Support your interpretation or claims by analyzing the tale’s major themes, plot, events, characterization, and/or aesthetic qualities. Provide and explain your reasons (logical analysis to persuade your reader) and your evidence (i.e. quotations) from the version of the fairy tale that you have chosen. Do not compare/contrast multiple versions.

You will receive feedback from me in the form of a conference during Week Four. I will read your draft and make some preliminary notes on it. During the conference, we will record more notes together to help you remember what we discussed. The copy of your draft with our conference notes will be uploaded to Digication so that you can access it at any time.

Printouts for in-class workshops should be stapled and double-spaced. All drafts should use standard MLA formatting and include:
a header on the first page with your name, my name, WR100 M1, the due date of the paper or draft, and the specific assignment and draft # (Paper 1 Draft 1)
a title that gestures in some way to your argument (yes, even early drafts)
your name and the page # in the upper right corner of each page in the header!
a standard double-spaced 12-point font
a word count after the conclusion
a Works Cited and properly formatted in-text parenthetical citations in MLA style
Proper citation is expected, even in drafts. Always cite as you write—waiting to do it at the last thing is how accidental plagiarism happens. For citation guidance, see your Rules for Writers handbook and/or the resources linked on our class website.
Drafts without citations will receive no credit towards your Reading Responses, Exercises & Drafts grade!

Submission & Formatting Instructions
Whenever you upload a file to Digication, use Word format and name the file as follows:
For example, if Kate Bernheimer were a student in the class and were naming her draft for the first paper, she would name her file as follows:
Be sure to hit “Save and Submit.” If you have Digication issues, e-mail the paper to me.
Read Angela Carter’s The company of wolves and Berheimer’s The fairy tale is form, the

Fairy Tale is Form, Form is Fairy Tale – Kate Bernheimer

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