What have colleges and universities done to reward contributions to their institutions?

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Chapter 8


Social capital

  • What does this refer to?
  • Why alternate explanation for building a stadium

Brand equity

  • Impact of building stadium on

Social cohesion

  • Why does this occur

“Big League” City

why do people want this

Attracting investment

What is the potential of building a new stafium for building and industry



Ch 9


All different public funding method – method to retire bonds

Ad Valorem taxes – how important they are to bond issues

Fractional assessment – what determines property tax – know formula

Use taxes – Different form of use taxes, which one is most frequently used to retire bond issues

Public relations problems – associated with building a new facility

Know what proximate development means

What is most frequently used as source of public funding in stadium


Ch 10


Potential public-private contracts when building stadium together – why are there conflicts? What is usual source for these

Different speeds – private can do different things at different speeds – why?

Perceptions – Private entities tend to hold about public entities they deal with and vice versa

Complimentary assets – between public and private entity

Public sector assets –  important

Lease back sectors – when lease back and how important it is, when is it used? How does it compare to other arrangements

“Pump priming” – what purpose does it serve and who does it?


Ch 11


Premium seating – traditional sources of revenue for sports organization

Suite reselling

PSL – know funding importance, which pro league has used this funding mechanism more than anyone

Naming rights – know term and length of contracts in usual naming rights deal, difficulty of having naming rights at college or university – compromise of alumni and donor of university

Potential downsides of naming rights partner

Key elements

History of naming rights – what was the first stadium to be sold to naming rights


Ch 12


Evolution of ticketing – how did it start and how is it different today than when it started, what has been most important part of using computer in ticket operations

Computer surge – average highest percentage of its seats, hocky, football, baseball, etc.

Know difference in ticket sales in relative importance across NCAA D1, 2 and 3

What percentage of total revenue do ticket sales make in NFL

Ticket pricing in 1990s and impact on discretional spending of families

What have colleges and universities done to reward contributions to their institutions?

Secondary markets – resale, stubhub

Department Organization

Expected threshold – what does this term mean?

Tolerance Zone – what is this?

Teams that want to renew tickets threaten the ticket holder with something if they don’t renew tickets – what is that?

Typical fans perception of increased ticket prices is based on

Money back guarantee – which organization

Typical use of complimentary tickets are – who uses it the most and what for

Importance of off season ticket sales are to an organization

E-ticketing – people reluctant to use it, why

Importance of auditing ticket sales


Ch 13


Electronic media – hows are television audiences measured? Who measures them? Importance of measurements in importance to amount of rights fee

“Crown jewel” of sports

Broadcast systems

Cable systems

Digital media

Syndication – know how syndicator operates

Media contracts

Know tactic that CBS used in televising their championships

Kinds of revenue sharing between broadcaster and team

Tax exempt bonds and who are they attracted to

1986 tax reform act prohibited what?

Supply, demand, and price

Financial statement – what is generated by taking assets-liabilities = profit

Best method of estimating economic value of adding another event

What influences demand for premium seating in stadium or reduce it

First org to sell personal seat licences

Impact of secondary marketers on ticket operations


Ch 14


Licensed merchandise – Know growth rate of revenue from licenced merchandise –slow, flat, or fast


Knock offs

Licensing and the NCAA

Impact of pay per view

Impact of satellite distribution of TV signals in terms of globalization

Know which sport benefits the most from the sale of licensed merchandise

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