For this assignment, put yourself in a nurse manager, director of nursing, Chief Nursing Officer (CNO), or business owner role. Discuss three or more business principles (in your own words) needed to maintain safe, quality, patient-centered care that is fiscally sound, provide supportive data. In your discussion consider:
Essay must answer the following questions:
1. Why have you selected the business principles?
2. Are the business principles used at your current facility?
If you feel that they are, give supportive examples.
If you feel they are not give examples of how they could be implemented.
3. Why are those specific principles important in health care?
4. Why are those specific principles important to you?
Differentiate ways that public and private payment systems impact the health of individuals and populations.

• Introduction must adequately address the manner in which this paper will be addressed.
• Conclusion must conclude the essay and its main points
• Paragraphs are required to be at least five sentences each.
• References must be from within 5 years

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