What are the reasons for distrust in China?

What are the reasons for distrust in China?
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Research questions for the essay is “What are the reasons for distrust in China?”
Essay format:
1. Introduction (which research question, definition, significance …)
2. Literature review (to show that you are aware of significant research works on the topic, and highlight the gap in the literature)
3. Discussion (your arguments and findings)
4. Conclusion and implications
5. Reference list (APA 6th referencing)

Please use APA 6th referencing style, the Reference List should consist of at least five formal publications (scholarly books and/or academic journal articles, including e-books and e-journals). Other types of source material can also be used in addition to the five formal publications, such as newspapers and Internet websites. The references should provide evidence that the student has shown initiative in looking for material, and the essay should incorporate the sources cited.

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