Website Development – ITAP 1004

Website Development – ITAP 1004
Assignment Type Individual Assignment
Week Issued 5
Total Marks 25 (25%)
Submission Deadline Week 12 via Moodle
Penalties Penalties for late submission and plagiarism in accordance with VIT
The purpose of the assessment is to test students on their ability to apply HTML, CSS and Java Script in website development.
Assignment 1

Allow students to apply their knowledge on HTML, CSS and Java script to design and develop websites.
The assignment consists of three deliverables. They are (i) website (ii) design report and (iii) a presentation. The assignment should be done individually. And all the deliverables (i.e., complete website, design report and presentation slides) should be submitted via Moodle. Further, use copyright free images or images in the public domain or images that you have the right to use.
Task 1 – Website Development
You are required to develop a website for Victorian Institute of Technology. The website should contain minimum four webpages. Consider appropriate content for each page; what information would be of interest to a typical user.
Create a home page, using all the techniques learned so far using HTML and CSS and java Script that represents that state of being. You are strongly encouraged to consider an appropriate navigation scheme, colors, positioning of images etc.,
The site that you design should contain followings.
• Create an appropriate logo for VIT
• Decide what the most important navigation text should be.
• Decide what information should be readily available on the home page.
• Use multiple images.
• Have an appropriate title for each page.
• Make appropriate choices for background color/image.
• Link to the home page other pages
• Add your copyright at the bottom of the every page

Task 2 – Design Report
This document should describe the design reasoning for the website. A design document is simply a comprehensive plan for developing your website. The design document should consists of following components. All the figures and tables in the report are numbered and labelled.
• Cover page (A sample cover page is given at the end of this document)
• Introduction
o overview of your website design
o Motivation

• Website Design
o Audience
o Functions and the nature of the institute
o Special approaches you used and why ?
o Flow charts, activity diagrams, any other design figures or tables

• Screen shots of the designed website
• Suggestions to improve existing website
• Conclusion
• References

Task 3 – Presentation
The student should present their work individually. Each student will be given 15 minutes to present the work followed by 5 minutes question and answer time. Students should use power point slides and your presentation should be limited to 15 minutes (No extra time given).
The presentations will be scheduled in the end of the semester just after the final week of the lectures.
If you need any clarification regarding the tasks contact lecturer.
Sample Cover Page for the Report

Marking Criteria
Component Marks Comments
1. Website 10 marks
Number of pages (min4) 1
Color (text / background), images, hyperlink usage 1
Navigation logic 1
Contents 1
Creativity 2
Appropriateness to purpose 1
For providing perfect user experience 1
Use of correct HTML / CSS and java scripts 2
2. Report 7.5 marks
Tiles 1
Fonts 1
Presentation (margins, figure, table numbers and labels) 1
Language 1
Design logics 3.5
3. Presentation 7.5 marks
Explaining how the design will meet the user expectations 2.5
How the design logic is implemented. Any special approaches. 3
Quality of the power point presentation. Font, clear figures, if any animations to explain the logic 2

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