Web application development


(make it very simple please)
You are required to create a student centric forum/message board in visual studio

This forum will have the following functionality
Students can view the posts without having to login

Students can register and then login

Once logged in students can post messages to the forum

All messages are displayed in chronological order with the most recent message appearing last
The messages page should be structured in such a way that the students can scroll through all posts.

The contact form should use a function called validateForm to first check all the fields are entered correctly

If any of the fields are missing the user should be advised by means of red text displayed directly underneath the problem field.

The website should be styled appropriately using a combination of tag id and class selectors. Limit the use of id’s to main structural elements where possible instead relying on classes and descendant selectors thus reducing duplicate css rules making your css smaller thereby reducing the overall site size. instructions.

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