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My information: An Asian female. 23years old. Study in University. This semester ( 1/10/2018- 4/28/2018) have a 50 minutes running class (Fitness Theory & Practice) Monday, Wednesday, Friday every week. My height:5feet 2inches(OR)157.48cms My weight:104lbs(OR)47.17kg. How much physical activity do you get each week? Moderate(Walking, Gardening):120minutes Vigorous(Running, Swimming):10minutes 2.Diet: How many cups of vegetables do you eat in an average day? : 0.5 How many cups of fruit do you eat in an average day?: 0.5 How many servings of fish do you eat in an average week?: 0 How many servings of whole grains do you eat in an average day?: 0.5 How many 12 ounce beverages with added sugars do you drink every week?: 4 I avoid eating prepackaged and processed foods. : YES
The Goal for me start at 2/1/2018

Goal Setting Assignment

Before setting a goal you should:

Monitor behavior and keep records of what you were doing and how you were feeling.
Analyze data for patterns and connections between: time of day, location, situation, or actions of others around you.

Goals should be:

The what, why, and how of your goal
Be specific instead of stating you will lose weight or be healthier, set a specific goal to lose 5 pounds or walk a 13 minute mile pace.
Goals have to be specific so you know what you are measuring. For instance, if you state that you plan to eat healthier, how would you be able to measure this?
You must be able to measure your success
If you can’t measure your goal you can’t manage your success
Instead of stating you plan to eat healthier, you would state that you plan to add a serving of vegetables to 2 meals/day
Don’t set goals that are too far out of reach
To state you will lose 15lbs in 1 week is a goal that will not be achievable. If you analyze your diet and find you are not consuming any vegetables/day, would you be able to state that you will consume 4 servings of vegetables/day and have the goal be achievable? No, you cannot go from none to all overnight
Is the goal “doable” for you
Be sure to set the bar high enough to satisfy your achievement, realistic does not mean easy
Time Specific
Be sure to set a specific timeframe for your goal
You need to put a starting date and an end point in order to stay on track. Keep in mind that your end date can be used as a check in date to reassess your goal.

Long Term Goal is the overall big picture. Your long-term goal is general such as to live a healthy lifestyle.

Short Term Goals are the stepping-stones to obtaining your long-term goal. After analyzing your behavior you see that in order to live a healthy lifestyle you need to start exercising, eating better, and avoid stress so you develop a specific goal in order to increase exercising such as to exercise 3 times/week.

Mini Goals help you achieve your short-term goals when you may have developed too large of a goal. You may have to break your short-term goals down even further in order to stay on track.

How do we accomplish our goals?

Obtain information
Modify your environment
Reward yourself
Make a personal contract

GOAL SETTING CONTRACT ASSIGNMENT should consist of the following:

Statement of 2 short-term goals (1 goal must pertain to this class). You must also state why these goals are important to you. Be sure to reflect on the why. How will accomplishing these goals mean to you, how will it affect your life? For instance, because you were able to do something in high school, does being able to do this again as an adult really mean something to you?
Start date
How will you measure your progress and will you measure this daily, every other day, or weekly?
Strategies for promoting change in order to achieve your goal (i.e. using a support group, joining a specific program, etc.)
Setbacks will always occur so it is best to plan for how you will deal with these prior to starting your goal. What setbacks will you encounter?
Rewards you will use (how you look or feel in return is not a reward that should be used). Will you reward yourself each week, every other week, or just when you accomplish the entire goal? Rewards are used to keep you motivated, is there something you do not typically allow yourself to do, to have, or to feel?
Date you expect to reach your goal. This isn’t in a week or two. It takes at least 6 weeks to break or change a habit. If you are planning to make this a lifestyle change, your goal will not have a specific “end date”, but you will need to reassess your goal. Think about the Action and Maintenance phase of behavioral change J
Please follow rubric in additional materials

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