We can work on Women in Latin America

“Where are the women? The Case of Chilean Women: 1973- 1989.” BETILDE V. MUNOZ:(https://www-jstororg.ezproxy.lib.umb.edu/stable/41882290?read-now=1&seq=1#page_scan_tab_contents)
“Women’s Social Movements in Latin America” – Helen Icken Safa (https://www-jstor-org)
“Sexual Harassment and Human Rights in Latin America” – Gaby Ord-Aguilar (google scholar)

Sample Solution

>99th: weight loss (maximum 1kg/week) 12-18y 85-94th with no health risks: weight maintenance 85-94th with health risks: weight maintenance or gradual weight loss 95-99th: weight loss (maximum is 1kg/week) >99th: weight loss (maximum is 1kg/week) For infants, exclusive breastfeeding should be encouraged till 6months of age and continue breastfeeding after introduction of solid food till 12 months of age and beyond. Sugar sweetened beverages should be avoided in infants and there should be not television in the infant’s sleeping room. For overweight/obese 12-24months old children, healthy diet and age appropriate physical activity is recommended. Three major meals should include healthy food, with plenty of fruits & vegetables. Fruit juices and sugar-sweetened beverages should be avoided. No television viewing during meals and overall screen time should be limited. MARG intervention study (29) conducted in India aimed to evaluate the impact of a school-based health and nutritional education program on knowledge and behavior of Indian school children. They educated 40196 children (aged 8 – 18 years), 25000 parents and 1500 teachers about health, nutrition, physical activity, non-communicable diseases and healthy cooking practices in three cities of North India (New Delhi, Agra, Jaipur) during the period August 2006 to December 2008. Major gaps exist in health and nutrition-related knowledge and behavior of Indian children, parents and teachers. Following the intervention, scores improved in all children and a significantly higher improvement was observed in y>

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