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Research Nova Scotia (Canada) record on electing women at all levels of government. When did women first get the vote in Nova Scotia ? When were the first women elected into office federally, provincially, and municipally in Halifax (Nova Scotia) In the case of federal and provincial politics, what party or parties did they represent? What is the current status of representation for women in Nova Scotia again, federally, provincially, and on Halifax riding? How does this fit with women political representation or under representation in Canada ? How does this fit with the success or failure of political party in ensuring gender equality and making sure women get elected and represented? How does it or doesn’t fit with the concept of equality ? Ensure that your essay has an identifiable thesis statement, integrates the material into a coherent piece of academic writing and properly cites all your sources.

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The record attacks the Oxford men on apostolic succession not because Evangelicals rejected the idea but because the Oxford men had been touting the Roman view of succession. As a Protestant Church the Church of britain, cannot nor would it not want to assert such succession and to accomplish that was sheer folly. in addition they kingdom that the Tracts communicate of monks “conveying the sacrifice”, being “intrusted with the keys of heaven and hell” and being “intrusted with the awful and mysterious gift of making the bread and wine Christ’s frame and blood”. The editorial describes these kind of as melancholy and wicked Popish delusions. therefore proper from the outset Evangelicals, or at least some of them, saw the errors and responded to them, a truth that is not always recognised. rapidly afterwards Hurrell Froude, one of the authentic 4 died and his ‘theological stays’ were published in 1838. these confirmed unequivocally his competition to the Protestant Reformation and his empathy for Medieval Catholicism. This seems to have woken others as much as the actual heart of the Tractarians who had been becoming increasingly more critical of the Church of england and idealistic regarding the Church of Rome. In 1841 Newman posted his well-known Tract 90 trying to argue that the Articles, if well understood, support Roman Catholic doctrine. Newman himself appears to have eventually recognised that his arguments have been incorrect because he left for Rome however others continued and still retain to argue the identical points. I consider one clergyman arguing that his notion in purgatory was acceptable because the Articles denounce ‘the Romish doctrine of purgatory’ and that turned into now not his doctrine. in the end this perverse sort of reasoning needed to be resolved and evangelicals observed that they had to hotel to regulation to accomplish that. Evangelicals at the time, as these days, have been adamant that they were the legitimate Anglicans, the actual heirs of the Reformed Church of england. The case of George Gorham consequently shook the movement to its roots. Bishop Philpotts of Exeter despised Evangelicals and when a consumer attempted to offer Gorham to a dwelling in the Diocese the Bishop argued and then got down to show that Gorham did not keep to the doctrine of the Church on baptismal regeneration. This was extreme because no evangelical believed in baptismal regeneration and nor did they believe that it became the doctrine of the church. If Gorham changed into rejected on this foundation then all evangelicals should discover themselves pushed out. An appeal became therefore launched but the Bishop’s choice became initially upheld. Evangelicals but contested the difficulty proper to the Privy Council where they gained. For Anglo-Catholics this demonstrated the trouble of establishment that a mundane court docket, as they saw it, had the final say. For Evangelicals it became a reminder that in the Chu>

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