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3-4 pages, double spaced
Write about one topic from this course, as if you were trying to explain it to a student that did not take this course. Make sure this topic is not too broad. The format is still a formal essay, with an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion.
Use 2-3 readings from class to explain this topic to the other student. These must be readings from our course. You can use PowerPoints or videos, in addition to at least 2 readings from the course.
At least one reading should represent a different time period.
At least one reading should be a primary source.
Be clear about your time periods.
You should provide historical context for your sources. For example, you should make note of the date of the sources. For example, if it is from 1905, what else was happening in 1905? What else is important from 1905 to explain your source? Who wrote the source? If your source was written in 1970, and was about acquaintance rape, what is significant about the 70s that would allow someone to write about this topic? Illustrate historical knowledge; do not treat your sources as if they could come from any time period.
Provide a brief reference list, that lists your sources.
When using a source, provide the title and date. If quoting, provide a page #.

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