We can work on what’s the central takeaway

  1. what’s the main thesis in the book what’s the central takeaway argument so your job as a critical reader is to figure that out sometimes there can be more than one piece but usually there’s one kind of big claim.
  2. I’d ask you to think about that claim and figure out what kind of evidence does the do McNeil use are he using government reports scientific studies academic Journal articles other books oral histories archaeological remains who knows what what’s the evidence they’re using and does it make a convincing case for the thesis the thesis and what’s the evidence.
  3. you’ll ask is so what why do I care why should anybody care what’s the greater importance of this book what does it help us do what do we learn what’s the new context that we gain?
  4. you ask yourself having weighed the evidence and considered the thesis and its implications was the analysis put forward by McNeil Fair was it even was it balanced did it acknowledge other viewpoints was the evidence selectively used to make a certain argument? Was the interpretation fair and even and balanced doesn’t have to be but was it? Or was it biased. Or the author Cherry Picked evidence to make a certain point that perhaps reduces your confidence in the book
  5. was there something missing was there an interpretation that you think McNeil could have been should have used and yeah where would where can the field move from here what new questions can you as an individual student in reader bring to the inquiry?
  6. Lastly, new directions in the book point to new kinds of research that may be useful in the future.

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Section I: INTRODUCTION TO THE STUDY Introduction The country is encountering a basic deficiency of medical care suppliers, a lack that is supposed to increment in the following five years, similarly as the biggest populace in our country’s set of experiences arrives at the age when expanded clinical consideration is vital (Pike, 2002). Staffing of emergency clinics, facilities, and nursing homes is more basic than any time in recent memory as the huge quantities of ‘gen X-ers’ start to understand the requirement for more continuous clinical mediation and long haul care. Interest in turning into a medical caretaker has disappeared lately, likely because of the historical backdrop of the extraordinary and requesting instructive cycle, low compensation, firm and extended periods of time, and fast ‘wear out’ of those rehearsing in the calling (Wharrad, 2003). A complex oversaw care climate in this country is restricting the dollars accessible to be spent on nursing care. Numerous wellbeing callings, particularly>

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