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Write a discussion response for each post. Walker 7.1Boys Town Weight RoomProcess Objective: To mount 6 full body mirrors, replace 1 machine in the weight room, and 4 sets of free weights in the weight room at Boys Town.Outcome Objective: The weight room meets safety precautions and gives individuals a better understanding and more knowledge about the proper ways to lift.Evaluation: The funders will be able to see the improvements their money has made based on a baseline examination of the athletes lifts. The lifts will be recorded and a month after the mirrors are in place another evaluation will be used to see the improvements. These improvements will be shown through video comparison of individuals doing different lifts before and after the mirrors are in place. A strength test will also be conducted to see the gains the athletes have made in the weight room. Along with those two evaluations a survey distributed to all athletes and coaches will be used to receive personal feedback on the weight room. Shearman 7.1Since the overall Wellspring goal is to increase the number of participants in the program, the first process objective would be to “Therapist and peer support specialist will conduct outreach activities each week within the community in areas such as shelters, local hotels, jails, mental health facilities, emergency rooms, etc. to increase the program participation by 30 percent within a year.”The way I would show if their funding made a difference is in two ways:1. By the number of intakes within the year and the weekly participation by the clients.2. By offering the survey titled “Herth Hope Index,” at intake and then every 30 days the client stays with the program.The Herth Hope Index survey measures the following using the “strongly disagree, disagree, agree, strongly agree” scale: I have a positive outlook toward life, I have short and/or long range goals, I feel all alone, I can see possibilities in the midst of difficulties, I have a faith that gives me comfort, I feel scared about my future, I can recall happy/joyful times, I have deep inner strength, I am able to give and receive caring/love, I have a sense of direction, I believe that each day has potential, I feel my life has value and meaning ( www.nprcc.org).Purchase the answer to view it

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