We can work on Ways in which road construction and changes in Kohistani violence

Post the prompt below just pick one question out of the three
1) Discuss three ways in which road construction and changes in Kohistani violence illustrate how culture is integrated. Be sure to define what “integrated” means (use definition given in class). In your discussion of change, you should consider factors that inhibited violence prior to the road’s construction, three changes that exacerbated violence after the road’s construction, and how these changes illustrate how culture is integrated.
2) Discuss how the work of Paul Farmer and the members of Partners in Health exemplifies the three fields of medical anthropology (ecological-epidemiological, critical, interpretivist). Be sure to define each of the three fields of medical anthropology and give specific examples of how Paul Farmer and Partners in Health implemented each. Your examples should describe things that Farmer/PIH actually did (their actions), not things about which they just thought, spoke, or wrote.

3) Discuss the quandry confronted by young people in many of the cultures that we studied this semester — whether and how to maintain their distinctive cultural identities in a rapidly changing, increasingly globalized world. Note that this is the question for which students in previous semesters have had the most difficulty. Here’s what you should NOT do — go through several cases and talk about how globalization is affecting them. Rather, imagine yourself as a young person in a culture that is being affected by globalization. What forces (e.g., old and new) would be pulling on you as you tried to define your own identity in a changing world?

Sample Solution

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