We can work on Vulnerable Populations

M1: Vulnerable Populations

Choose one population from these Vulnerable Populations:

•Disabled population
•Homeless population
•Rural population
•Migrant population
•Mentally Ill population
•Minority population (specify race/ethnicity)
•Children & Teen population
•Female population
•Veteran population
•Prison population


Community/public health nurses implement a population-focused approach that encompasses health protection, health promotion, and disease prevention. Interventions often target vulnerable populations or those demonstrating increased risk of developing an adverse health outcome. Risk is an epidemiologic term that refers to a higher probability of illness in certain groups versus others. Vulnerable populations often experience multiple cumulative risks. As health care providers we note that some groups have greater resilience; resilience is the ability to resist the effects of vulnerability. It is important to learn what factors make some people more resilient than others.

As a registered nurse you must be familiar with community agencies that provide services to vulnerable populations. This information should be utilized to provide continuity of care from an acute care agency to the out-patient community based setting. Community-based resources are also utilized to prevent illness and promote health. This week you are to consider the vulnerable population you have chosen and identify your local community resources that are available to meet this group’s needs. Then respond to the following questions.

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