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The objective of this video is to share with you some reflections and insights as they pertain to the participants’ identity, advocacy, leadership, and motivation. Watching the video and reflecting on the content will contribute to the creation of your own social change identity. As you progress through the video series and the subsequent module reflections, you will synthesize information provided from various concepts discussed within the context of the videos. Pay particular attention to specific conceptual themes that emerge from the videos. You will use the knowledge acquired in all the videos that you’ve viewed so far to complete each module reflection assignment.
For this assignment, you will watch Week 2 video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=19f4ukkPN2E and answer the following in 2 to 4 sentences per question.
• Describe whether you believe personal or social factors have had the greatest impact on the participant’s ability to manage change.
• Describe whether you believe personal or social factors have had a greater influence on your ability to manage change.
All sources and ideas requiring attribution must be cited according to APA style.

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A 11th grade understudy whom we will called understudy X has learning issues. Which makes it difficult for her to grasp any data or even peruse? When requested to recite in class without holding back, it turned out to be extremely humiliating second for the understudy. The understudy has dyslexia. As per Elbro and Jerren (2005) a huge extent of understudy’s perusing issues can be made sense of by unfortunate word interpreting. The creators further revealed that such serve issues with deciphering and getting can be alluded to as Dyslexia. Learning handicaps are issues of higher mental capabilities, present from birth or youth, neurologically based, and influence on the capacity to learn or handle data in at least one explicit regions as opposed to a worldwide scholarly debilitation. In 1963, the term learning handicap was officially presented. Around then this term alluded to messes being developed of language, discourse, perusing, and related relational abilities required for social cooperation. Of the many learning incapacities dyslexia is one of the top inabilities. It is demonstrated that 80% of kids in the US have dyslexia. Because of contrasts of assessment in how dyslexia is not entirely set in stone, dyslexia might try and be more common (Shaywitz 2003). Utilizing the 2003 definition, the Global Dyslexia Affiliation characterizes dyslexia as: A particular learning handicap that is neurobiological in beginning. It is described by troubles with precise or potentially familiar word acknowledgment and by unfortunate spelling and translating skills. These hardships ordinarily result from a shortfall in the phonological part of language that is in many cases surprising corresponding to other mental capacities and the arrangement of successful study hall guidance. Auxiliary outcomes might remember issues for understanding appreciation and decreased perusing experience that can obstruct development of jargon and foundation information. (Lyon et al. 2007) Three region of the cerebrum are expected to peruse: the front district, temporoparietal locale, and the occipitotemporal locale (Pugh et al actually. 2000). A modest number individuals with dyslexia might experience issues with the spatial abilities required for letter acknowledgment, sequencing, or with perception of composed language because of lacking sight jargon or review of prior text. These abilities are confined in the occipitotemporal region. The hole in perusing abilities increments as the no weakened peruser turns out to be more top to bottom with words and understanding. Essentially on account of these hardships they might look in their perusing they will generally keep away from errands that expect them to peruse or try and grasp while perusing. Dyslexia manages different pieces of learning. For instance Dyscalculia is the math inability of dyslexia. Individuals with this issue experience difficulty understanding and grasping numerical statements. These qualities are illustrative of somewhat insufficient left half of the globe frameworks. Unusual and Rourke (1985) have found that greater part of kids who experience hardships in number juggling computation have lacks in at least one semantic capacities. Notwithstanding the numerical problems due to visual-perceptual, phonetic, or blended deficiencies, some set a fourth subgroup separated by unambiguous shortages in nonverbal emblematic portrayal and quantitative reasoning (Geary 1993; Johnson and Myklebust 1967). Despite the fact that you might have these incapacities dyslexia stills remain>

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