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1. U.S. businesses are listed by size: small, medium, and large. Explain why business size is an example of an ordinal-scaled variable.

2. For each of the following variables, determine whether the variable is categorical or numerical and determine its measurement scale. If the variable is numerical, determine whether the variable is discrete or continuous.

a. Name of internet service provider.

b. Time in hours spent surfing the internet per week

c. Whether the individual uses a mobile phone to connect to the internet.

d. Number of online purchases made in a month

e. Where the individual uses social networks to find sought after information.

3. Suppose the following information is collected from Robert Keeler on his application for home mortgage loan at the Metro county savings and loan association.

a. Monthly payments: $2227

b. Number of jobs in past 10 years: 1

c. Annual family income: 96000

d. Marital status. Married

Classify each of the responses by type of data and measurement scale.

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