We can work on Utilitarian analysis of the movie Saving Private Ryan

Essay on Utilitarian analysis of the movie Saving Private Ryan based on the works of Bentham and Mill
For this assignment you will write a paper in which you provide a Utilitarian analysis of the movie Saving Private Ryan (i.e an analysis based on the works of Bentham and Mill that we have looked at). Your paper should be approximately 3 pages in length and included appropriate support of your analysis from the texts we have read and discussed. Also, you should be sure to include in your paper a discussion of whether the case (as presented in the movie) poses a problem or challenge for the utilitarian framework.

in case you can’t find the movie online, try this link: https://app.vidgrid.com/view/vezPYn4DULn8?autoplay=1&t=1.86

Sample Solution

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