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The Constitution created a government to take on important responsibilities, which necessitated the creation of departments, bureaus, and agencies (the bureaucracy).  Consider your own experiences and reflect on the textbook to offer a strength and a weakness of a federal bureaucracy entity as it exists today.  Be specific with your examples.  Consider the following questions in your post.  What is the goal of the government entity?  What causes it to succeed or fail?  What changes might you make so that it is more successful? 




Does the power of judicial review help or hinder democracy?   


Explain what the power of judicial review is, and how it came about.  Why is the Supreme Court, or why is it not, democratic?  Think about the role of the court as envisioned by the founders and the constitution in formulating your post. 

Two full paragraphs should suffice.  Please properly cite resources and keep direct quotations to a minimum: use your own words and cite where ideas or arguments come from. 

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