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This is an easy assignment where you will talk about a sociological problem. My professor explained some points he’s looking for this paper: The title cannot be “reforming society” but it has to be an specific title that refers to the sociological problem the paper is talking about. The sociological problem you choose to talk about has to show a form of inequality and not a personal problem. When defining the problem you just have to literally define the problem with it’s facts and not opinions. On this assignment don’t talk about how you would reform it or how it could be reformed, but just focus on what can be reformed about the sociological problem. Just state what the problem is explaining with fact. For example: The problem is not the racist guy from an specific event but racism itself and you could gather facts on why there is racism. You can pick any sociological problem and talk about it. This assignment also needs at lease 3-5 references with a reference page at the end.


The assignment (max 250 points) is worth 25 percent of your final grade. It must be word-processed, double-spaced and at least 800 words in length (excluding your name, title, quotations and references), in a Word document, Times New Romans 12, double spaced. Quotations and citations must follow the ASA style here https://sociology.fas.harvard.edu/files/sociology/files/asastyleguide.pdf (Links to an external site.)

Writing Assignment. Global Citizens Assignment#5 (due on Canvas)

Playspent.org: Social Institutions, Social Structures, and Social Stratification.

This assignment is designed to help students become familiar with aspects of socioeconomic inequality and the role social institutions and social structures play in perpetuating these inequalities. It addresses the FKL dimensions of Critical Thinking, Inquiry-based Learning, Human and Cultural Diversity, and Ethical Perspectives.

Sociology has, since August Comte, been considered as a discipline that could/should contribute to criticize and reform some aspects of society. In this assignment you are invited to choose and describe a specific topic, by bringing to light some issues or social problems that, in your view, could/should be reformed. Focusing on a specific subject of your choice, the assignment aims to evaluate your ability to describe the social reality through a critical point of view. As you are supposed to avoid personal statements, data and statistics from reliable sources will be necessary to backup your argument.

Students can use some concepts discussed in class and highlighted in the text book/readings. Particularly, you will develop two points:

  1. The Subject of the Research: Select a Topic
  2. The Frame: Defining the Problem (what should be reformed).

The topic can be related, but not limited to: Environment, Ethnic Relation/Race, Gender, Immigration, Media/Communication (Cultural Studies and STS), Economic Inequality, and Religion.

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