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After reading the Ingraham (2014) and Stray (2013) articles, argue why gun ownership and/or gun carrying increases or decreases violent crime. Choose a position and support it with scientific evidence. Then, discuss the unit of analysis and case selections for Braga, Papachristos, and Hureau (2010).

Discussion Board Expectations

  • By the end of 5/28, reply to the first part of the post about the first two articles.
  • By the end of 5/30, respond to the second part of the post about the peer-reviewed article.
  • Optional: comment on a peer discussion post.
  • The instructor will oversee the discussion and may post follow-up questions to be answered by students.

300 words discussion, after you give me the first work, I will post the classmates post to you then you have to do two reply for that. and I will tips if you got me 9/10 thank you so much!

  • Ingraham (2014) (链接到外部网站。)
  • Stray (2013) (链接到外部网站。)
  • Braga, Papachristos, and Hureau (2009)Actions: read only abstract, intro, data section, and conclusion

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