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Hi this should be in APA format it is reflection answers to the two questions. each question should have an answer of 9-11 sentences and please include the text that I am going to provide. You should only read chapter 3 from the book and cite it. I will explain more about me once the question is accepted.

Two (2) Reflection Questions (10 points, 5 points max. each)

#1: Does the idea of a family being a system with its own homeostasis resonate with you and your life experiences? Describe how the COVID-19 pandemic modified your own homeostasis (individual or family system).

#2: Review the table “Overview of Philosophical Schools”. What is your current or desired career path? Which philosophical school of therapy appears to be a good fit in regards to the “therapist’s role in the change process”.

  • Write a brief and complete answer to each question.
  • 5 points maximum per reflection question.
  • 1-point deduction for each day the assignment is submitted late.
  • Ensure that there are no typos or grammatical errors.
  • Unlimited time to complete reflection questions up until the due date.
  • Multiple attempts allowed up until the due date.
  • Citations and references are required.

I will explain further once you accept the question.

Requirements: 2 paragraphs

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