We can work on Unit Title: The Economic Environment

Background to module assessment brief 

As a government advisor, and in light of the harsh Economic Environment, the UK government has approached you to do an analysis of the economic environment. 

Task a:

Produce a leaflet that can be handed to trainee government officers that provides information on the current measure of national income and its limitations. Identify alternative measures and assess the merits of these methods. (1.1, 1.2)

In addition your leaflet should provide a brief definition and explanation, of the use of fiscal,  monetary, and supply-side  policies to regulate the economy (4.1)


Task b

Prepare a report which informs the government on how the UK business market is being impacted.  For instance, explain the economic problems of the UK economy and growing trends.  Evaluate and align the trends with the business cycle stages.  

Define and describe the UK economic environment by:

● Stating  and evaluating the UK’s economic performance measures  e.g. economic growth, unemployment, borrowing, inflation etc. (3.1)  What is the government doing to prioritise these. 

● Define and explain the different phases of the business cycle. (2.1)

● Align the UK Economy with the Business cycle stages.(2.1)


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