We can work on Tullis Rennie’s Muscle Memory : Listening to the Act of Listening.

Introduction-Begin with an introductory paragraph explaining the researcher’s rationale, purpose, and hypotheses. Do not
summarize the abstract.

Method-Describe the study’s participants, procedures, and materials used to collect the data.

Results-Summarize what the researcher(s) found (keep statistics to a minimum if used at all).

Discussion-Discuss the researcher’s conclusions and tie them to other research in the field. Given the results of the study,
what might be the next step for researchers interested in this topic (AKA implications for further study/research)?

Evaluation-Evaluate the study. Name at least 2 strengths and 2 limitations to the researcher’s methods or conclusions.

Sample Solution

determine irrationality of a suicide if there was no way possible of the individual knowing; it can only be judged if there was no attempt to get it from reliable sources (Battin 137-138). I think that Battin is inferring that not having the correct information could mean they are unable to participate in rational thought process. Another assumption of suicide not being rational due to this criterion is caused by internal factors, such as depression where they can unknowingly suppress certain information (Brandt, cited in Battin 1995, 138). She counters this by stating that you can still have adequate information because the future may be already negative, even with a smaller view (Battin 138-139). Therefore, from her counterargument, she is countering any claims of narrow views that the opposition would try to argue by stating that an individual’s health status does not matter. Battin states that some would claim that suicide would be irrational if one committed it because of an unlikely future, but states t>

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