We can work on Transformative global force with far-reaching and disruptive effects on businesses

Covid-19, which broke out early 2020, is a transformative global force with far-reaching and disruptive effects on businesses and economies. It has significantly affected virtually all spheres of life.
Managers would need to adopt appropriate approaches and review their corporate strategies to survive and grow in this digitalized period. Additionally, with the increasing technological advancement, there is an increasing globalization of business. Consequently, some firms in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have winded up while some were adversely affected.
As a change management specialist, you are contacted by a group of restaurant owners seeking your expertise regarding how they can respond to the changes precipitated by Covid-19, the disruptive technological advancement, and increasing presence of foreign restaurant businesses in the UAE. They are having a rethink about the business model to adopt.
1- Discuss the possible effects of technological advancement and Covid-19 on restaurants organizational structure.
2- Examine what needs to be changed by the restaurants in the UAE, given the emergence of Covid-19 and technological advancement.
3- Examine the approaches to change management.
4- Examine the role of culture and organizational design in managing change.
5- Make some relevant recommendations for the restaurant owners based on your evaluations

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