We can work on Traditional theories of motivation

you read about some very traditional theories of motivation such as Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and Herzberg’s Two-Factor Theory. You also learned about
how people of other ethnicities or religions are motivated in the workplace. Now you will connect those theories to identifying appropriate motivational tools
for the following four employees who each represent a different ethnic group where you work:
Adara is a 26-year-old married Muslim mother of two who was born in Detroit, Michigan, but moved away and became a valued employee three years ago.
She has an associate degree in accounting and is also going to school to earn a bachelor’s degree in accounting.
Ivy, a single 22-year-old African American, and a recent college graduate with a bachelor’s degree in marketing, has been with the company for just three
months. She is the company’s social media marketing assistant.
Maria, a 30-year-old single mother of three who is originally from Puerto Rico, has been with the company for five years. She works as an administrative
assistant and is going to school online to earn a degree in business administration.
Richard, a married, white 45-year-old man and father of four children, has been with the company for 16 years and is the Director of Finance.
Consider a time at work when you felt highly motivated. Think about exactly what motivates you personally. Can you apply Maslow’s and Herzberg’s theories
to yourself? Now, think about what these four named employees might want or need to motivate them, again applying Maslow’s or Herzberg’s theories. Be
sure to conduct some research in the library and read the background readings about what motivates different employee groups.
At work, you are offered the opportunity to develop a PowerPoint presentation that introduces employees to tools your company may adopt to increase
employee motivation.
You have come up with 5 tools that you feel will motivate the employees to complete their work in a satisfactory manner, leading to meeting organizational
goals. You will apply at least two tools to each of the four named employees and explain why you chose them as motivational tools.
Your presentation should cover the following:
What are 5 tools managers and organizations use to motivate their employees? Include a short discussion of which of the two theories (Maslow or Herzberg,
or both) addresses each tool on the appropriate slides’ notes page.
What can employees do to motivate themselves?
What motivates you to complete your own work and are you motivated according to Maslow’s or Herzberg’s theory?
What two tools do you identify as appropriate to each of the four employees, Adara, Ivy, Maria, and Richard?
Why did you select those?
Are they connected to the motivational theory of Maslow, Herzberg, or both?
Your presentation must contain at least 12 slides (cover slide, five slides for the five tools, one slide for self-motivation, a slide for each of the four named
employees, and reference list) but you can have more slides as needed. Use in-text citations and a reference list with at least two high-quality scholarly
references for support. High-quality references are academically peer-reviewed journals or textbooks and are found in the Trident Online Library.
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