We can work on Third Sector and Public Services

Examine the recent historical context of third sector involvement with the public services. Also
analyse why third sector organisations are independent from government and have a different
set of values, (10 minutes)

  1. Your presentation must explain the key events that have shaped third sector organisations at
    least two organisations that assist or work closely with public services (P1). Furthermore, you
    must explain the values and the similarities and differences between these organisations and
  2. Define your research into identifying organisations, their role and cultural objectives (social
    development, environmental and cultural objectives) and how human behaviour is affected
    (M1). You need to Evaluate the impact of governmental reviews and reports in shaping the use
    of third sector organisations their theories and how social influence is relevant to the public
    services. D1
  3. The presentation should last for approximately 10 minutes with a further 5 minutes allowed
    for questions from staff and students. Marks will be given for both content and delivery of the
    presentation. Each student will be responsible for managing their own time.

Sample Solution

be decided. Does birth in a rustic come up with proper to nationality or have to it’s judged via the united states you’re dwelling in? And if so, then how does your nationality trade if the borders demarcating your nation alternate? the writer leaves the reader questioning. Later, Tha’mma’s uncle Jethamoshai/Ukil-babu sums it up quality, whilst he says “I don’t accept as true with in this India-Shindia. […] suppose when you get there they decide to attract some other line someplace? what’s going to you do then? where will you pass to? […] As for me, i was born right here, and i’ll die right here.” It depicts the insensitivity of the selection made by handful of human beings like partition on behalf of the bigger strata of society. whilst Tha’mma become in university she dreamt of being part of militant corporations who struck in opposition to the British imperial rule. She become curious about their ways, though she didn’t know plenty approximately them and wasn’t certain a way to find out more approximately them as they worked clandestinely. while requested by using the narrator what she could have performed if she had the choice of killing the English Justice of the Peace, Tha’mma replies, “i would were freightened….but i would have prayed for strength, and God willing, sure, i might have killed him. It changed into for our freedom: I might have finished something to be unfastened.”(39). The young guy in her college, who turned into arrested conjures up Tha’mma. She wants to be part of the Indian national movement and do everything in her energy to liberate India. Tha’mma runs secret errands for aspirant nationalists and even chefs meals for them. Tha’mma is a nationalist. She seeks freedom anyways. Her embrace of nationalism grows out of the insecurity she suffers in her existence. She became widowed at an early age and has had to battle thru life in a harsh society. Her fiercely impartial nature does no longer let her accept any kind of assistance from her near spouse and children. The ‘popularity’ that she has earned for herself thru difficult paintings as a college head-mistress has also to be safeguarded. She disapproves of her nephew Tridib’s laid again mind-set and keeps him at a distance, due to the fact he defies most of her loved concepts. The narrator but is curious about Tridib’s easy mission to his dominating, self-opinionated grandmother. Thamma cannot come to terms with the changing political scenario in post-British generation. She is not able to realize the idea of borders. She is not aware of the definition of ‘the modern-day border’ that is ‘political however actual’, in keeping with her son. once a staunch nationalist, she now finds the liberty of the put up- unbiased duration to be contradictory to her idealistic notions of life without borderlines. earlier than returning to Dhaka for a quick stay, she desires of seeing the vintage Dhaka that she knew in her childhood. but she does now not recognize that the Dhaka she had left behind and the Dhaka she has visible in her go back go to to her place of birth are now not similar. She can’t understand why her area of birth has come “to be messily at odds along with her nationality” Her homecoming additionally leads to a surprising twist of destiny. Tha’mma may want to by no means expect Tridib to fall victim to the political animosity among India and Pakistan of 1964 in her own land. Tha’mma’s attempt to take her uncle lower back to India results in a tragedy. Her personal uncle, her nephew and Khalil, the rickshaw puller, are all killed in a rebellion. She is left with massive despair after their assassination. Tha’mma’s friends become her enemies. After the incident, Tha’mma tells the narrator: “I gave the chain to the fund for the battle….for your sake, for your freedom. We need to kill them b>

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