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We said that the absurd represents for Camus the situation of human beings- namely that even there there is no ultimate meaning, human beings continue to look for meaning. 

In the Plague, the infection of the town of Oran has been interpreted to mean different things, most obviously Nazism/fascism. However, reading more broadly, and seeing the plague in the novel as representing the condition of the absurd, answer the following question:

How do various characters in the Plague deal with the situation? What does this tell us about Camus’ ideas about dealing with the absurd?

Please do the following in your essay :

1) Demonstrate that you’ve read the book with frequent references to the text

2) Discuss at least three main characters minimum, although you including more is good.

3) You must discuss the character of Dr. Rieux. Also, answer the following question regarding Dr. Rieux: Is Dr. Rieux just under Plato’s definition of social and individual justice?

READ THE BOOK. Do not rely on web summaries, etc.

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