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Journal article broken down and article questions answered. I do not need a research paper but I need a clear peer review and breakdown of the article tables for the attached journal / questions
The Military Service Sleep Assessment: an instrument to assess factors precipitating sleep disturbances in U.S. military personnel
• Is the title simple, clear, and understandable?
• Does it accurately reflect the general content of the article?

• Can you understand the logic of the paper and overall importance of the research?
• If you only read the abstract, would you have both important and accurate information?

Intro/Literature Review:
• Does the review seem objective or biased?
• Is the reviewed literature relevant, targeted and thorough?
• Are you aware of important aspects of the topic which were omitted?
• What is the “gap” in the literature the authors are addressing?
• Are the authors of the references being accurately represented?
• Does the literature review help you understand the research question(s) being asked?
• What are the underlying assumptions of the researchers?

• What is the analysis plan (qualitative/quantitative/mixed)?
• Are cutoff values provided for the tests conducted?
• Does the population selected make sense for the study?
• Are there any biases (over/under-represented populations) within the sample?
• Are the statistical analyses appropriate and explained enough to help you decide?
• Are there terms you don’t understand? If so, what are you missing?
• How was the data collected?
• Are the measures used appropriate for the study questions?
• What are the dependent and independent variables?
• What happens with missing data? How does that affect the results?
• Do you know what the items are from the questionnaire?
• Was there enough information for another researcher to replicate this study?
• Can you makes sense of the results?
• What do the numbers mean?
• Do the charts make sense and are they organized?
• Do the authors provide numerical support for their results and findings?

• Are the discussion points relevant to the research?
• Did they find support for or answer their research questions?
• How did the research fill the identified gaps in the literature?
• Are any findings over or under-emphasized?

• What future research is recommended? Would it be helpful?
• Are there treatment recommendations? Are they supported by the findings?
• Do any of the recommendations go beyond the scope of the research?
• Are there recommendations which you think should have been added?

• How seriously did the authors take this section?
• Were you able to identify some of the limitations they mentioned?
• Were other limitations present which they didn’t mention?

• Were the references relatively current?
• Were there any obviously inappropriate references?
• Did you look up any of the references to verify what is being said?

Final Considerations and Practice Implementation:
• What did the authors do really well? What can you learn from that?
• Was it worth your time to read? What would have made it better?
• Will this research change how you interact with patients or practice social work?
• What are the implications for the field? Your patient? You?
• How can this best be incorporated into your work and/or personal life?

Sample Solution

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