We can work on the Max Wideman and his Woody 2000 case study.

This is a typical (but not real) example of a project which has gone wrong.  Woody is the owner of a small manufacturing company which has expanded over the years but has recognized an opportunity to expand their business further but has been advised that they need more manufacturing space.

Using the case study as a base, assume that you are a Project Management Consultant who has been brought in to advise the organisation regarding their Project Management process and to offer advice and guidance regarding best practice techniques which should have been employed in the case study project.

You have been asked to advise as to how the Business Case should have been developed and then scoped further for the Project Initiation Document and more detailed planning stages. With reference to the literature for justification, write a formal report which:

Introduces the context including an explanation as to where projects originate from and how a project idea should be evaluated

How the original business case should have been approached and what it should have included

Why determining the root cause of the problem and potential alternative solutions may have avoided the problems experienced by the organisation

How the project should have been scoped after acceptance to enable more detailed planning

Recommends how the project should be implemented (choice of life cycle and methodology / frameworks to be applied, scope management)

How project success should be measured

CASE STUDY LINK: http://www.maxwideman.com/papers/woody2000/intro.htm

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