We can work on The importance of preparing “resilient practitioners.”

Wellness Plan: Skovholt (2001) discussed the importance of preparing “resilient practitioners.” Counselors-in-training is at particular risk for stress and distress due to the difficulty in mastering the ambiguity of the counseling process and opening themselves to the often painful experience of the client (Skovholt, 2001). It is thought that perhaps the first place to strengthen the developmental wellness identity of the counseling profession is within counselor preparatory programs (Myers, 1992; Smith, 2006; Witmer & Young, 1996). Thus, students will complete and score a personal wellness assessment (The Holistic Lifestyle Questionnaire). Also, include the VIA Strengths Inventory and check out the resources at authentichappiness.com. Write a one-page “Plan of Action.” This should be based on your assessment. In other words, what are my strengths and weaknesses? One to two paragraphs must address how a lack of self-care could lead to impairment when working as a counselor.

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