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Choose a communication situation you recently experienced at your workplace or other organization you are affiliated with. Use the human communication process described in your text, starting on page 11, “Human Communication: Message and Constitutive Processes,” to analyze why—or why not—a shared reality was experienced as an end result. Summarize your experience and include your analysis as an attachment in this assignment thread. Consider the following items in your analysis:
•Identify the source and the receiver.
•What was the message and what type of message function was it serving?
•How was it encoded?
•How was it decoded?
•What channel was used to transmit the message?
•What type of noise was experienced?
•Comment on the competencies, fields of experience, and culture of the participants involved.
•Identify the communication context of this situation.
•What was the intended effect versus the actual effect of the message?
•Was a shared reality constructed? If not, what needed to change?

Sample Solution

n the house makes her hallucinate and lose her thoughts. Socially, the complete circle of relatives is remoted from all the human beings on the town and that they rarely depart the house also. Economically, we trust that the employer and the kids belong to a high elegance and status because they might have the funds for to stay in such massive property and had many servants. all through the past due 1800s, many technological advances had been brought about because of the growth in capitalism and the willingness of entrepreneurs to offer many innovators a threat at their innovations. As a result, sciences and arithmetic have been starting into wider spectrums. as an example, technology now blanketed moral reasoning and the big lifestyles of subconsciousness and psychology. As a end result, many people were information their thoughts and inferring the wrongdoings of the beyond generation at the supernatural issue, which they believed were handy of their society (i.e. witchcraft). Characters The Governess: She offers with the inner battle of believing in apparitions and in ghosts which might be pursuing the harm of the kids. She starts offevolved acting on that, but no one else appears to peer the ghosts. hence, this creates a tension among her and the children, who avoid her and don’t agree with her ghost sightings. The governess will be defined as defensive and suspicious due to the fact she is continually on the defend to look what can affect the kids and is always looking to cause them to live out of damage of the ghost. She’s suspicious of the kids’s moves and honestly notes every miniature issue they do. Mrs. Grose: She has to cope with, every now and then, the absurdity of the governess and concentrate to her as well as upload minimal know-how to her of the beyond dealings within the property. every so often, what the governess says to her makes her lose her stability and feels lightheaded and cry, which places her in a awful nation. Mrs. Grose is supportive and being concerned. She helps and comply with on with the thoughts and plan that the governess has. She cares approximately the youngsters much like the governess and is worried approximately them. Miles: He has to constantly act like nothing’s happening or point out of past activities at Bly. similarly, he attempts to keep away from mentioning the names of the ghosts to the governess. Miles is cunning and mysterious because he is constantly up to some thing and hides statistics from the governess. We don’t get to recognise loads about him and his movements are deceitful toward the governess and are unknown to her and e>

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