We can work on The government’s failure to anticipate and botched response to the Benghazi attack during the Obama administration



Part I: The Larger Context: What was the background of the failure? Why was the government involved in the first place, and what was it trying to achieve?

Part II: The Actual Failure: Explain what happened. Depending on what makes sense for the case study, you can use a timeline, or break down the failure into different parts (The State Department’s mistakes, the Defense Department’s mistakes, etc.) or some combination of both. Give a well-developed picture of what went wrong.

Part III: What was the fallout from the failure? Who got hurt? Use statistics (how many child separations were there, and over what period of time? How long did reunions take, etc.)

Part IV: Why was there a failure? Cite at least two causes and give at least one specific connection between the listed cause and an aspect of what happened on the ground. You can draw from the list below.

· Leadership problems, such as having punitive intent (abuse of power), embracing bad ideas, ignoring warnings, over-riding objections, trying to do “more with less”, failing to anticipate problems or plan ahead, deciding to use “dirty hands,” delegating without adequate oversight, or creating perverse incentives.

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