We can work on “The Day Beyoncé Turned Black,”

  1. Kevin Allred is a white man writing about Black feminism, which is necessarily primarily about the experience of Black women. In his preface, he acknowledges his positionality and lays out a methodology: he will only cite Black women. How do you feel about the approach he takes writing about this subject from his place of privilege?
  2. Allred refers to a Saturday Night Live skit, “The Day Beyoncé Turned Black,” to note that prior to her Super Bowl halftime performance, many of Beyoncé’s white fans imagined her as “not holding any progressive politics that would seek freedom for Black people in America” (72). Do you think it’s possible to listen to Beyoncé’s music without consideration of Black womanhood and culture in America? Is Beyoncé’s music always political?
  3. Halberstam states on p 111 (print edition) “And for some of us, fairy tales do come true.” – Were Beyonce and Jay Z set up to be a fairytale based on your viewing of LEMONADE? Now that you have finished Halberstam’s book, what connections can you make between LEMONADE and his work? Do you think films such as Lemonade promote Halberstam’s idea of “the end of marriage?” Explain your position using elements of Halberstam and Lemonade.
  4. Much of Allred’s analysis pertains to the visual aspects of Beyoncé’s art, from the “Déjà Vu” music video to Lemonade. What image or scene from Lemonade stands out to you the most? What about it seems important to you?

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n Empirical Study on Factors Motivating Business Students to Move to the Entrepreneurial Sector Unique. This exploratory examination is endeavors to inspect how employable people turn their concentration to new companies. Today, greater part of representatives still practice a pretty much self-defensive procedure. In this paper we would write about the aftereffects of an exact investigation of variables inspiring degreed potential workers to move to self ambitious. The central elements to turn into a business person and of supportable work situated variables to be dissected so as to find how they contrast. Members comprised of 200 understudies from Malaysia entered last year of business undergrad and postgraduate projects. Self-regulated surveys were utilized to accumulate information on components and sorts of connections affecting profession decision and innovative expectation. The aftereffects of the examination will fill in as a reason for the advancement of work practices intended to help new companies in embracing manageable strategic policies. 1. Presentation Today, representatives still act as per managers’ lawful commitments and do whatever it takes not to draw in exceptional consideration from neighborhood autonomous entrepreneurs. This present paper’s principle point is to investigate graduates’ desire on the elements spurring workers when thinking about exchanging occupations whenever utilized and to recognize the degree of enthusiasm as they start and create enterprising endeavors. The investigation essentially inspected why workers choose to progress toward becoming business visionaries, along these lines, seven principle issues related with alumni’s ventures as they set up, worked and developed their organizations, these being picked following a procedure of conceptualizing with a pilot gathering of alumni business visionaries. 2. Audit of Literature 2.1. Outline Various analysts have endeavored to consider factors, for example, sexual orientation, grade point normal, span and field of study and enterprising family foundation as significant components influencing understudies’ observation and mentalities towards the possibility of new possess business development, and a portion of these elements plainly upgrade or occupy such inclination (Oakey, Mukhtar and Kipling, 2002). Nonetheless, Cooper, Woo, and Dunkelberg (1989) recommended that the different destinations distinguished by different scientists can be decreased to three components: challenge, riches and self-sufficiency. Utilizing bunch examination Woo, Cooper, and Dunkelberg (1991) recognized two kinds of business people contingent on their motivations at the hour of beginning the business: right off the bat “automatic” who set high need on not working for other people, and also, “organization men.” who manufactures the association. 2.2. Inspiration Age of beginning up thoughts have been investigated by various scientists. Opportunity acknowledgment is reliant on whether the business person was outwardly invigorated. A main enterprise content has perceived the “significant ramifications for business people who ne>

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