We can work on “The Biggest Mistake a Leader Can Make”,

After watching the video from Harvard Business Review “The Biggest Mistake a Leader Can Make”,

please (a) choose one of the ‘mistakes’ that are described in the video, and describe how you think the mistake would influence the strategic management process of an organization. Then, (b) explain how you would try to address the mistake and try to improve the situation.

Sample Solution

Step by step instructions to Draw with Oil Paints GuidesorSubmit my paper for investigation oil paintingOil painting is maybe the most across the board and the most well known sort of pictorial workmanship on the planet. Numerous tenderfoots purchase oil hues and canvas wanting to make perfect works of art, however by and large, they face the way that it isn’t that simple to ace this action. Painting with oil hues requests exactness, self-association, and tolerance—it is essential to make fitting arrangements. 1. To begin with, ensure you have all the fundamental materials and hardware. To draw your first picture, you will require: – A prepared canvas (you can likewise utilize prepared pressed wood or board, just as a bit of a container). – Oil paints. Furthermore, you should purchase a major container of titanium white and linseed oil. – Brushes. For the most part, you will require level and adjusted firm brushes, so purchase 2-3 brushes of each size and shape. The best brushes are produced using calf’s or squirrel’s hair. – A palette to blend hues, and an easel to set the canvas on. – Keep as a primary concern that painting with oil might be chaotic. It is ideal to load up on clothes and wax-material to cover the floor under the easel. 2. After you have at long last made all the essential arrangements, the time has come to begin drawing. Pick what you need to paint: still-life, a scene, or a picture. Stroll around your model and quest for the best foreshortening. Make portrays with a pencil from various perspectives. A sketch is a work in progress of what you are going to draw on the canvas. It resembles a layout of your entire picture, where you set structure, mark checkered light and conceals, reflexes, etc. Ensure that where you are drawing is sufficiently bright. An absence of light will be a block with regards to blending paints and looking for the right shading. Additionally, mind that characteristic light is the best for painting with oil hues. 3. Press a touch of each shading around the palette’s border. Continue from warm to cold hues. This will assist you with finding required hues effortlessly. 4. When you have chosen which of your representations you like most, begin to convey it over onto your canvas. To make this procedure simpler, you may isolate your canvas, just as your sketch, into various squares (contingent upon the size of your canvas), and duplicate your sketch square-by-square. 5. When you have finished the past advance, the time has come to blend the hues. Empty some linseed oil into a plate. Plunge your brush into it, and afterward into a shading you need and spread it over a palette. Do whatever it takes not to utilize open hues—blend a few of them to perceive what tints and subtleties you can get. 6. You should make an under artwork and apply the paints’ layers individually as they evaporate. Recall that oil paints can set aside a long effort to dry. They may likewise get somewhat darker subsequent to evaporating. There is a painting procedure called alla prima. Alla prima expect applying new layers of paint over past layers, which are additionally wet. In the event that you draw alla prima, it is smarter to work quick until the main layers evaporate. 7. At the point when you have completed the process of drawing, get your materials and gear request. It is urgent that you wash your brushes, in such a case that you don’t, they will freeze until whenever you use them. To maintain a strategic distance from this, flush your brushes in a dissolvable fluid, at that point wash them with water and dry them. Mop clean those pieces of a palette which you used to blend hues. Additionally, don’t discard unused paints in the event that you intend to draw again in a few days—they will stay usable for 4-5 days. Painting with oil is a relentless and meticulous procedure which is hard to ace. And yet, you can make really delightful bits of craftsmanship utilizing them.>

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