We can work on The benefits of why humans choose to be irrational?

How does “Notes from Underground” explain the benefits of why humans choose to be irrational?

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ventually formed a kingdom. Other kingdoms were formed when village clusters appointed rulers who used their armies to conquer other villages. Some were formed around sacred shrines, which religious authorities used for political power. The remainder of these kingdoms were formed by pastoral groups who moved from place to place taking over certain populations of farmers. Status and wealth were huge factors in African society. Heredity was the cause of most statuses. For example, if a father was well known and popular in his community, his high status would be passed down to his son. When a man successfully gained a high status, a following and great wealth, he could establish his own group in a society and become a “Big Man”. As a Big Man he would be required to host dinners where he treated his guests to food and drinks. Much of his status was based on a more material viewpoint. Overall, as in any society, status and wealth determined how enjoyable one’s social life was. Despite the fact that there were thousands of different cultures and beliefs in early Africa, all Africans believed in higher spiritual beings. Some believed in there being one high God, while others worshipped many gods. “Spirits of the Land” were worshipped by agricultural societies. They were believed to be ancestral spirits that guaranteed good harvests. Other societies also believed in ancestral spirits that were basically middle men between them and the high God. These civilizations sacrificed cattle for the spirits. Some even worshipped a supreme God that was believed to bless them with protection and fertility. In some societies, village chiefs roles were appointed to the oldest living descendant of the villages’ founder. Though there were many different types of religious beliefs between the many societies of Africa, one common threat to them all was witchcraft. People believed that witchcraft was to blame for mi>

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