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The world is experiencing rapid technological developments. Among these developments is the emerging “wearable technology”. Technology is at its infant stage with full potential expected to be realized in the next few decades.  It revolves around developing smart technologies or devices with special capabilities. For instance, some of these devices are capable of monitoring the activities of a person. Others are capable of monitoring health conditions such as pulse rates and are of different types, including jewelry items, wristbands, glasses and watches. The number of devices and technologies are expected to increase in future. It is anticipated that in the next few decades, physicians will be remotely accessing and managing all patients’ health conditions and especially chronic ones. However, unlike computers, the devices have limited processing power and bandwidth. This limits the security features which can be incorporated in them, exposing them to security risks. This has made potential users reluctant to embrace them. Therefore, the design of wearable technology poses numerous security challenges/loopholes and this has reduced their adoption rate.


Ching, K & Singh, M. (2016).Wearable technology devices security and privcay vulnerability Analysis. International Journal of Network Security & Its Applications (IJNSA) 8(3), 20-30.


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