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Imagine you have been given the task by your nonprofit/NGO board of directors to create a list of individuals you think would make up a great fundraising team (often called the development committee). Given what you know about the organization you chose earlier (United Service Orgnization), what knowledge, skills, and community connections would be needed for success in fundraising? Consider who cares deeply about the organization and also embodies some or all of these characteristics. Who would you ask to be on your fundraising team, and why?

Must be at least 1.5 pages

To prepare:

· Consider who should make up your fundraising team.

· Consider how you might make the determination of who should be on your team.

Provide a description of your fundraising team. Identify who you would ask to join your team. Explain why these specific individuals would be selected. Explain how you would assemble your team. BE creative and CITE all WORK

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