Summarizing an article

Summarizing an article

Article name is the pen is mightier than the keyboard advantages of longhand over laptop note-taking
1.include in a sentence the title, authors, in which journal it was published and what year.

  1. what concepts are being studied in the article
  2. what are the previous studies that led to researchers pursuing this topic? Make sure to discuss the earlier research done in these subject areas discussed by the author
  3. what is the hypothesis? is there one? if not then what are the research questions? there is no hypothesis
  4. who was studied? how many participants? describe the participants in terms of ages in gender and any other characteristics mentioned by the authors. How did the researchers select the participants? reasons for selecting this group?
  5. what procedures were used in this study? (what did the researchers do?)
    7.what were the results of the study (what did they find)
  6. what do the results mean in terms of the researcher’s hypothesis (or questions)?
  7. how do the results apply people in general?
    10.what would be further research relating to this topic that could be done after learning the results of this study?
  8. critique how this study was conducted.


Summarizing an article

Sample Solution


Mistake is as significant as precision in the generation of information? In this stringent Indian culture that I have a place with committing an error in life is considered as a ‘wrongdoing. In the greater part of the normal and antiquated South Indian families, seeking after aesthetic sciences is considered as a ‘mistake’ in light of the fact that turning into a designer or a specialist is the ‘condition of being right’ in your vocation on account of which out of the 80% of the populace that seeks after building, just 11% of them are utilized later! Anyway being compelled to seek after building, can cause you to recognize the ‘blunder’ and lead you to a vocation way that you’re made for! I think precision is frequently given more significance since it goes about as a solid reason to additionally make vigorous information and enlivens the way toward learning. Now and again like generation of medication and medical procedures, precision is obligatory particularly of you’re an expert and this inquiries this the validity of blunder as an instrument to make Summarizing an article  information. In any case, mistake is additionally a significant calculate that helps information creation since it goes about as an uncertainty that we see which makes us question our insight or for the most part it likewise encourages us to comprehend what is precise. Mistake and precision, are in truth interrelated and this will be investigated by unloading two subject matters; Natural sciences and History. Characteristic sciences is generally founded on intelligent thinking since it demonstrates legitimacy and is anything but difficult to legitimize in light of the fact that it doesn’t include sense recognition. In any case, theory and expectations assume an imperative job in arriving at the resolution and this requires creative mind. Despite the fact that there is no confirmation of it being valid, it gives alternate points of view to investigation. In science, precision is given significant significance since it reaches a hearty resolution which is additionally utilized for more research. Despite the fact that science has a solid base of legitimate thinking and exactness, an inquiry that emerges is can mistake in experimentation lead to creation of new strong information? This helps me to remember good fortune for example gainful mistake. A case of this is Frieder Wohler, a ‘proficient’ researcher who’s blunder in experimentation prompted one of the most important creations of today; urea, the most ordinarily utilized composts for plants development all through the world. In 1828, when he was doing a progression of investigations to orchestrate ammonium cyanate he created urea. Presently this made me question the need of having propelled gear during experimentation? The principal at any point graduated chamber was made in 1909 by Albert Einstein which implies that when Wohler directed the investigation he didn’t have essential hardware like graduated chamber to quantify the volume of reactants. In spite of not having legitimate gear a significant item like urea was found, along these lines indicating the validity of mistake as an instrument. Another AoK, where mistake has assumed a crucial job in delivering information that we have faith in is History which depends on feeling and sense recognition. The vast majority of the occasions happened some time in the past and henceforth have little proof to demonstrate a reality and consequently various antiquarians have distinction points of view on account of which history is viewed as abstract. Furthermore, subsequently sense observation is required to see authentic information which is profoundly affected by feeling. Despite the fact that sense observation needs more proof it moves toward similar occasions in various manners. Cartography, a significant angle in history was formed by two individuals Amerigo Vespucci and Columbus Since youth we have been instructed that Christopher Columbus found America in the 1400’s. However, after my ToK instructor  Summarizing an article disclosed to me that America is named after Amerigo Vespucci, I was befuddled with respect to why Columbus was given the credit of finding America? After further examine I understood that Vespucci was really answerable for the revelation. This blunder in my mutual information made me question myself and my educator in light of which I further investigated. In 1492, when Columbus went for a journey he however he arrived at America yet he had really arrived at Bahamas. Later in 1502, when Vespucci went for a journey he utilized sense recognition to comprehend the topographical miscount that was made by Columbus and demonstrated that the landmass Columbus found was not equivalent to America. I believe that none of them ought to be given the credit in light of the fact that there were local Americans who previously lived there and in certainty the primary individuals to enter America was Leif Erickson, a viking. The motivation behind why individuals state that Vespucci was the person who found it is on the grounds that he was the primary trader or the principal individual with incredible position to enter that land. This mistake in my comprehension helped me improve my insight about world history. Other than me such mistakes helped cartographers to draw exact maps which have developed during these time to frame the maps that we take a gander at today. Despite the fact that mistake has assumed a significant job in disclosures, exactness is similarly significant in both the AoK’s particularly Natural sciences. A part of Science, which is generation of meds must have exactness and accuracy to evade resulting danger to patients. At the point when a researcher is at the exploratory phase of the item clearly they’ll make blunders. Be that as it may, when the last prescription/item has been delivered and affirmed, the odds the researcher gets the opportunity to commit an error become zero. In the present day and age treatments are reliant on meds since they go about as the answer for the illness which implies they go about as the main reason to structure the treatments and thus on the off chance that the prescriptions are off base, at that point the treatment additionally has a default. This connection makes it critical to have prescriptions that are created with precise estimations. In addition to the fact that they help in embellishment various treatments gives premises to scientists who are leading looks Summarizing an article  into on the connection hereditary qualities, way of life and condition factors. Another motivation behind why its significant is on the grounds that consistently 11% solution have issues which costs upto £400 million and furthermore cause damage to the patients. Thinking about the results and results, precision is similarly significant in this field as mistake. (needs greater lucidity) Glancing back at our past occasions, there have been a great deal of wars and unrests. The most powerful that a trooper could groups is skill in the war weaponry. Alluding to an occasion that occurred during the World War 1, during the Battle of Dinant (August, 1914) when the German armed force (12 PM) entered Dinant then terminated and arbitrarily tossed projectiles in view of which they wound up executing numerous individuals from their troop rather on account of which their warriors tally decreased during the fight. I think the motivation behind why the projectiles were misused and utilized mistakenly is on the grounds that even they were imagined in 1914 and were made out reused jars and nails. Since it was an ongoing innovation, the troop individuals didn’t have the foggiest idea how to utilize it effectively and henceforth they harmed 2000 individuals and murdered 10 individuals from their own troop. This blunder caused a great deal of annihilation and possibly history would’ve been extraordinary if the German troop won. Very as opposed to this, Genghis Khan was a military virtuoso when it came to the board of his soldiers and weapons. Despite the fact that he’s titled as the cruelest ruler, his exactness with his weapons was exceptional. The Mongolian soldiers were so very much prepared that could shoot in reverse or swinging from one side of their seat, utilizing their defensively covered pony as a shield. Genghis Khan guaranteed that his troop was all around prepared and had the right range of abilities to work the weaponry. This is the motivation behind why the Mongolian domain vanquished numerous landmasses like Asia and eastern Europe. His precision and authority were factors behind his prosperity as a ruler. Glancing back at this exposition what I watched is that both blunder and precision had its advantages and disservices. In any case, I believe that this case relies upon the phase of creation of information. This case made is relevant at an exploratory stage, be it Wohler union, cartography, generation of medication or utilization of weaponry. Every one of the mistakes that were made were before a last end was expressed which implies it was still at the learning and understanding the idea arrange. In any case, I think to create information, exactness is the main thing required. Blunder is only an uncertainty which causes us to jump destined for success and encourages us gain from our slip-ups however it doesn’t create powerful information except if its an instance of good fortune in Natural sciences.  Summarizing an article Thus mistake and exactness both aren’t similarly important to deliver new information however are similarly significant during the time spent learning.>

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