We can work on Successful Communications Skills for Mediating, Negotiating, and Settling Grievances

Successful Communications Skills for Mediating, Negotiating, and Settling Grievances

You should provide a statement of purpose and an indication of the direction of your
research in the opening paragraph, and your report should be of appropriate depth as well
as unified and cohesive. You should draw clear and logical conclusions based on theories
and concepts. Your report should be written in complete, well-constructed sentences with
precise grammar, word choice, punctuation, and spelling. Your writing should be sharp,
coherent, and clear.
The report must fulfill all stated requirements and include 2500 to 3000 words of content
(approximately 10 pages). Preferred fonts are Calibri 11-point or Arial 11-point with 1-
inch margins. The work must have an appropriate TESU coversheet and “References”
page in addition to its content pages.
Preferred style to have your full name in the paper’s footer left margin, along with the
page number centered, and the course code at the right margin.
The PowerPoint Presentation
You are also required to create a PowerPoint Presentation of your project. Your slides
should support a presentation of 8 to 10 minutes, suitable for a business gathering in
which the organization’s management team has assembled to hear a summary of your
research. The tone of your product must be business formal.
Your PowerPoint presentation, which should consist of no more than 8 slides, should
contain pertinent facts that you would like to share. Do not put the research paper or
paragraphs from the paper on the slides; your slides should include main ideas and
highlights. Follow accepted PowerPoint style.

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