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2.0 Actions considered in the calculation 3.0 Materials (0.50p)
4.0 Hypothesis combinations (1,00p) 5.0 Manual calculations and efforts (3,00p)
5.1.1 Predimensional edge for tables according to notes Structures II
5.1.2 Dimensioned at bending moment by law of efforts
5.1.3 Verification of maximum deformation (preferably by double integration,
but also valid for summary equations of prontuary)
5.1.4 Verification of lateral buckling Mcr = (w / Lp) x (E x G x Imin x Itorsora) 12
(We can stabilize it laterally every 40 times the minimum turning radius to limit lateral buckling, and the force that the stabilizing part must withstand must be at least 1.5% of the compression carried by the compressed portion of the joist We can also stabilize it with the own slab or compression layer).
5.1.5 Checking (by the simplified method using the profile soul)
5.2 Jassera (using points 1,2,4 and 5 of the beam, deformation point 3 by Win-eva
5.3 Pillar buckling (intranslational or translational according to point 6.0)
6.0 Win-eva (2,00p)
6.1 Verification of lateral deformation (according to 5.3.1 DB-SE-A) with wind load through a porch or throughout the building as the case may be
r = (VED / HED) x (d H, d / h) (VED / HED) using ELU (d H, d / h) using ELS
if r> 0,1 = translational
6.2 Beam / Gasser / Pillar (check manual calculations)

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