We can work on Strategies educators can employ that demonstrate to families that a home school partnership

Identify 2-3 strategies educators can employ that demonstrate to families that a home school partnership will benefit student learning. How do these strategies align with the Christian worldview of serving others to promote human flourishing? ( 150 words)

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founded by a man named Ole Kirk Kristiansen. He founded the company in 1932 and based it in Billund, Denmark. He combined the first two letters of the Danish Words “LEG GODT”, meaning “play well”, to create the name for the company. He created the toy because he believed that it had the powerful ability to develop a child’s cognitive, emotional, and social skills(Mortensen). His belief that the toy can help in children’s development has been proven by a multitude of studies done with the toy. Today, the Lego company has overtaken major toy companies, such as Hasbro and Mattel, to become the number one toy company. Legos have an amazing ability in strengthening a child’s development. First, they are able to strengthen a child’s cognitive skills. The cognitive skills that are getting improved by playing with legos are fine motor skills and math skills (Sri). Legos come in a vast range of shapes and sizes, which can lead to twisting and turning a child’s hands, fingers, and arms. This promotes coordination and dexterity which are needed for children for crafts, handwriting, and dressing themselves. Legos also help in a child’s math skills because children need to learn how to add, subtract, multiply, or divide how many pieces they need for their creation. A study has been done to see if Legos actually increase cognitive development. There were two groups of kids and one group was able to play with legos for a month and the other group was not able to play with Legos. After the month, the kids were put through a series of tests to see how well their fine motor skills developed. Through the study, it was seen that the kids, who played with Legos for a month, had a significant increase on their cognitive development. Second, Legos are able to strengthen a child’s emotional skills. Legos are able to help aid in a child’s emotional development by giving them a sense of accomplishment and to teach them persistence. With the sense of accomplishment, children are able to feel a sense of pride after they create something, which can lead to an increase in self-confidence. Legos are able to teach children persistence because Legos are small, which can lead to mistakes. This allows the children learn to cope with the frustration of mistakes and to keep on building until they get it right. Lastly, Legos can help in social skills by cooperating with peers. Children can cooperate with peers to build something together.>

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