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In addition to looking at the basic descriptive statistics of the data, you will analyze the data set with at least
two methods we have already learned (Chapters 1,2,3, 6, and 7) . When applying a specific method, make
sure to state any conditions or assumptions of this method and check to see if they are met. For example, if
one assumption is that the observation is a normal distribution, you should use Q-Q plots of the residuals
and other scatter plot to access nornality. If they are not met, and you are not able to transform the data in
any way so that they are met, make sure to comment on this in your final report (you should still perform
the intended analysis, however).

You should write a report loosely formatted as a manuscript and include the following sections:
1. Introduction
2. Data description and exploratory analysis
3. Methods and analysis (*This section can be split into multiple sections, one for each type of analysis
4. Conclusions

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