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What would you put on a space probe?

Having recently returned from Mars, your next assignment is to help develop a space probe that will go out in search of extra terrestrial life (aliens, in other words!). Your job is to decide what sorts of items should be included on that probe that gives the aliens some idea of what Earth (and its people) are like. Pick five things that you would include (which could all fit in the backseat of a car, for example) on that space probe, and explain why you’d include those things.

Again – give this some thought. You might think “I’d include Shakespeare’s collected works!” Can the aliens read any of our languages? Maybe you want to include an iPad with all kinds of pictures, and sounds – can the aliens charge it? Do they have a USB connector? It’s not so easy to think about these kinds of things, so do your best!

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swimwear or underwear which shows off her curvaceous silhouette. Therefore, if more girls were seeing and being influenced by women like Ashley Graham then maybe what is perceived as a ‘normal’ or ‘ideal’ body type will challenge dominant ideals of feminine beauty and adapt more to today’s society. In addition to that, Pretty Little Thing also show their support for women who may have disabilities but still want to look and feel as confident as any other woman. A fashion blogger who is constantly being reposted onto Pretty Little Thing’s Instagram is Tess Daly who has 147,000 followers on Instagram and is known for her style and passion for makeup. Tess Daly was diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy at a young age but has not let being in a wheel chair stop her from embracing and showing off her beauty. Pretty Little Thing often repost when Tess Daly uploads a post wearing their products and always praise her for looking beautiful. This gives off a valuable message to anyone who isn’t necessarily confident in themselves to accept their differences and embrace who they are whether it be through makeup or clothes. Although there has been development in diversity within the fashion industry, disability is something that is not represented enough. Disabled models are rarely seen on runways, adverts or in magazines. Reichart Smith and Sanderson (2015), have developed on the discussion of “the opportunities provided by social media platforms that empower women to counter mainstream stereotypes directed at the female body and subvert conventional forms of the gaze through the use of the selfie, and self-present outside traditional gender norms”. This shows how women, no matter their sexuality, gender or body type can use social media platforms to post non-normative selfies to challenge dominant ideals of feminine beauty. The benefit of Pretty Little Thing promoting all types of people is that no one will feel discriminated ag>

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