We can work on Social Media Monitoring

Focus on the role of social media monitoring in the design and development of social media campaigns. Now it’s your turn to practice that skill using our class client, the Cross Country Ski Areas Association.

Reese Brown, the Nordic Director for CCSAA has been tasked with developing new campaigns to build cross-country ski participation across the United States.

To do this, he has created a new website, an “eMagazine” – called – “The Nordic Approach.”

Watch my video to see and hear more about the new site: https://youtu.be/8ijJumuvF0M

Pretend that Reese has just hired you as the social media manager for The Nordic Approach. What will be your approach to social media listening/monitoring for the next month?

Describe your approach – and be specific. I’d encourage you to look at what other people have posted before adding your ideas – let’s see if together we can build a really solid plan for our class client and actually put this plan in place.

Let’s assume that we have access to the paid Hubspot tools, and we’ll use our Talkwalker free trial, but otherwise, let’s plan to use “free” tools for our small non-profit client.

What do you recommend?

I’d like to see you reference the course readings/videos and/or specific examples from thenordicapproach.com (or their other social sites) to support your claims.

Required reading materials:


Sample Solution

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