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Journal EntriesThroughout the semester you will complete a total of five journals. Each journal assignment will have a different focus that will correspond to your interviews. These journal entries are meant to aid in your reflection process after your interviews. What did you learn? What did you take away? What would you like to know? Each of the journal entries have specific prompts listed below. When answering these prompts your goal is to balance what you learned from your interview and how it connects to course content. For example, if your participant should discuss the challenges that they face when attempting to make services available to communities, I would expect you to utilize chapter two as support for your claims and to help guide your reflection process. You do not have to use citations, but your knowledge of course content should be evident. Please do not hesitate to contact me and ask for assistance. *All journal entries will be uploaded directly to Canvas on their specified due date- Note: I will not accept emailed versions *All entries must be double-spaced, list your full name and include page numbers.

Intervention Strategies Employed: Chapter three discusses the various intervention strategies utilized by agencies. For this journal entry I would like you to reflect on what kind of strategies your agency uses. Please state and define the strategy(ies), discuss examples and ask yourself what strategies you find most beneficial. Lastly, you should be asking yourself what connections can be made between course content and your interview?

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