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For those who seek good form and a healthy life, Yoga is fundamental to implement in your routine. It is one of the oldest activities in the world. If you live a busy life to practice know that now you have no more excuses to not start yoga today. Nowadays, with the best yoga apps, everything is simplified and will help you from coaching beginners, monitoring and improving the training of advanced practicers who seeking a healthier life, but without much time. On the list, you can find alternatives with unique features such as the most suitable levels for your type and purposes whether it is weight loss, toning, better sleep, depression, etc.

Check out the list of apps to incorporate into your daily workout.

1. Zen Zen is paid but also offers a 7-day trial. In order to use the app, you need to confirm your subscription on Google Play or the App Store and if after the trial you do not want to continue, you’ll only have to cancel later. During guided meditation, he offers a 21-day program you will feel a true “lightness of mind”. Although the audios are short which vary between 3, 6 and 20 minutes, interestingly the app does not allow the practitioner to take two sessions on the same day.

In the central icon section, represented by a circle, you have several other guided meditations to improve your attention, breathing, emotional balance, anxiety control and many other important points for a healthy life. The user can choose from 50 sessions, with versions giving the option to include background music. The second section, represented by the rain icon, brings together several different sounds for you to relax. Among other interesting functions are piano melodies to help in concentration, ASMR audios, Hindu mantras, 3D nature sounds and others.

2. Daily yoga

The massive amount of function is what classified as one of the best yoga apps of all modern times that rewarded it as one of the best yoga apps in 2015 to 2017 among many other rewards in the mobile industry. The new update in 2018 guarantees an app that works without glitches, Daily also remain on the top in 2018. It comes in multi language support and suitable designed meditation programs for iniciante, intermediario e avancado praticantes. There are more than 500 poses to stay fit and fully support including online classes from world famous coach and community.

Keep track of your health routine data with sections that range from 7 to 70 minutes. Make your time more enjoyable with 200 HD videos which are updated monthly and plenty list of music and relax melodies. The app offer incredible schedule plans to encourage those who seek toning body, body detox, better sleep, weight loss, etc. The 20 yoga experts can certainly help users to achieve great results in a favorable combo for your mind and body.

3. Pocket Yoga The app will educate and help you to avoid any kind of back or muscle strain by teaching through 200 very well described illustrated pose images.All content in Pocket is designed by Yoga professionals for a flawless follow-up and regular practice. Each level fulfilled in the chosen plans will unlock new environments which makes this app further interactive. The more progress the more it worth using. You can start a new or ongoing your class anytime anywhere. The application helps you endorse a regular exercise routine from the comfort of your home. You can create 27 different sessions to also learn alignment and the benefits of each. If you prefer to have better control of the time dedicated to your Yoga, you can activate the timer, which will manage the time of practice chosen.

Also, the application also offers tips and a dictionary of poses. If you are uncertain about what class to choose, you can hit a brief preview and check before start your training. Pocket Yoga is paid and is a rewarded app by CNN as one of the “10 great mobile health apps”. Thus, you can expect high performance and functionality in an excellent platform.

4. Yoga Studio – mind and body The studio is popular among the meditation users which include the renowned instructor Rodney Yee. It offers 65 aulas de yoga which you can take even offline and a full poses library with 280 alternatives.

It allows the creation of personalized training to fit best into your routine. Besides its varied list of music, you can include a background song from other apps. Find instantly in the search the most suitable poses according to your preferences, focus and ability and list as favorites. Furthermore, you can repeat the saved classes monthly, choose their order and duration. Accurate follow-up in data to track your classes history and progress. In the level of instruction, you can choose from teacher commentary or pose names. Also, schedule and a smart follow-up on your progress.

The sections range from 15, 30 e 60 minutes which you can download to take even offline. Full HD videos, vivid pictures and detailed information to inspire and educate you from the get-go. The paid app but offers a 2-week free trial and 3 plans for $1,99 month, $4,99 for 3 months to $19,99 a year which you can cancel anytime. Importantly, prices may vary according to the country. is interessante tanto para alunos iniciantes, quanto os mais experientes.

5. Yoga. com Studio It is one of the most distinctive wellness apps on the list due to the fact you can interact with other practices in a huge community of yoga.

7 million have downloaded the app on their smartphone which offers more than 289 techniques and poses for perfect breathing during training. You can choose among 37 programmes pre-definites para todos os niveis e guru through HD videos. Or you can personalize your yoga time to apply it at your own pace and search for poses by skill level and fitness goal.

6. Daily Yoga The application that encompasses various forms of yoga teaches practice focused on the student’s goal whether to achieve more flexibility, lose weight, relieve stress, depression or improve emotional balance and mind, among others.

Repeat your favorites sections in different available forms. The greatest thing is that is that you have all the support online to kill all your doubts and get the best out of your yoga. They reply within 24 hours promptly. You can set your weekly goal with one click in a very easy interface.

7. Yoga Timer Modern app and easy to operate which allows you to share your yoga class with Android Beam without cables on supported devices. The Automatic backup assures practicers to focus only on the class or restore it from another device or if you have to swipe thanks to settings automatically restoration.

It has a specific chronometer which you can try out examples or create your own custom yoga training scheme. It emits an alert at each time interval, countdown workout time and allows to monitor or customize the duration of each asana. Choose from unlimited options of asanas in each training. These can be dragged and dropped, skipped or stopped with one click. Have a chilling moment with visual signals and audio assistant. The app is free and ad-supported which means that ads displayed can be a distraction but, you can remove them easily if you have a standard Google Play In-app Purchase.

8. Relax Melodies: Sleep & Yoga Guided meditation for sleep or just a nap with Sleep & Yoga. it is ideal for who has trouble sleeping, anxiety, stress issue, the free app cannot be out of the best yoga app list. It has 52 sons e musicas for intense or short yoga which includes binaural beats, ambient melodies, voices, instruments, Isochronic tones, etc. The premium version offers over 100 sound to merge in the yoga world. You can create a list of your favorites melodies and set the bedtime reminder or just relax with brainwaves transmitted thanks to amazing Binaural beats and Isochronic tones.

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