We can work on Sickle Cell crisis or acutely sickle cell management

Identify a research topic of interest to you (Sickle Cell crisis or acutely sickle cell management) and select a recent research article on this topic. You may need to conduct a literature search to find an article, if so; this would be a time that it would be appropriate to limit to full-text. Please save/send/print the article in the pdf version if it is available. The journal article must be a peer reviewed research article. Examples of nursing/medical journals that may be useful include: American Journal of Nursing; Nursing Research; Journal of the American Medical Association etc. You may use integrated reviews/meta-analyses on your topic.
Note: Articles or information from websites, editorials or text books will are unacceptable for use. Only peer reviewed journal articles will be accepted for this assignment.

2) Then, working from the research problem identified in this article, conduct a search for additional research literature on the topic (including a computer search using at least two databases.) Choose from the databases of MEDLINE (PubMed) and CINAHL. If you are an experienced �literature searcher�, you may also use other databases but only use them if you feel skilled enough searching them.

3) Write a short paper. The paper should be two to three pages in length (double space, APA format). The paper needs to address the following points:

� What topic were you searching?
� What terms did you use to conduct the search?
� What sources/databases did you use?
� How many results (number of articles) did you get?
� How did you limit the search/expand the search?
� How you would decide which the keys are or core articles you should read?
� Select 8 – 10 key articles resulting from your search.

Additional to the 2-3 pages of your paper, please include the following items in your submission for this assignment:
� Your original article and
� The 8-10 key articles that you selected including the titles and abstracts of the paper

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