We can work on Securitization theory

Instructions:Please cover a critical assessment of securitization or apply securitization theory to a specific case study, or show how securitization is not applicable to a specific geopolitical or historic case.
Thesis: This paper should examines the impact of far-right agency on public political tolerance by party members/ministers (in the United Kingdom) —what the parties on the far right do to disconnect themselves from accusations of extremism and thus increase their political tolerance by the public.

  • One counter argument can be used – when it comes to combating the far right, Governments tends to apply exclusion and non-cooperation platforms.
    Useful Sources (please include a bit from the first source)
    Kinnvall, C. (2019). ‘Populism, ontological insecurity and Hindutva: Modi and the masculinization of Indian politics.’ Cambridge Review of International Affairs, 32(3), 283-302:
    -Emma Mc Cluskey (2019) From Righteousness to Far Right, Hans Kohn, ‘Western & Eastern Nationalism’
    -Walker Connor, ‘A Nation is a Nation is an Ethnic Group is a…’
    -Etienne Balibar, ‘Racism & Nationalism’
    -Michael Billig, ‘Banal Nationalism’
    -Marco Antonsich, ‘Everyday Nation in Times of Rising Nationalism’

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