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School Profile

Distinguish and develop a school profile report using longitudinal student achievement data (at least three academic years) which will help identify and/or correct, as needed, student learning issues or problems for all subject matter areas ( two grades only)that will support the implementation of the SCIP for the selected school. -Generate school profile report from student data for dissemination to class and instructor
-Engage in ongoing discussions regarding the various assigned chapter concepts
-Access TEA websites pertaining to concepts on this competency. 

School Profile Report with detailed description of current student and school statistics and pertinent data using longitudinal data (at least 2 academic years) and across two key grade levels. Student will justified the selection of those levels. You will need to turn in along with your summary report of the selected school, 
• the TAPR report, 
• the complete School Report Card 
• and any additional information that you may have found (campus CAN, Campus Improvement plan, etc.) and is part of your summary report.  If you happen to find any perception data and any key programs or organizational processes in your school you may also add them to your report.
try to aim at making sure that your report contains all the important aspect that describe the selected school and give you (the principal) a good handle as to what is really going on that school.

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