We can work on Roles and Responsibilities matrix with related key stakeholders

Develop a Roles and Responsibilities matrix with related key stakeholders for your project. Include in the matrix, who, what is their role in the project, what tasks are they responsible for, what decision authority they have. Include the Project Manager in the matrix.

Sample Solution

that their governments and businessmen had failed to translate into concrete action the tremendous goodwill that exists among the two people. In 1996, Turan Esen, the leader of the visiting Turkish delegation said in his address to a special meeting of National Highway Authority of Pakistan that Pakistan-Turkish relations were time-tested and required to set an example of friendly relations. He pointed out that the highways were highly significant as regards to international trade traffic among ECO states. This he said would help the economies of ECO member states to prosper (Hassan, 2002). President Demirel visit to Pakistan December 1997 President Demirel visited for second time in Pakistan within span of a year, when he reached Pakistan on 18 and 19th of December 1997 for the inauguration ceremony of Islamabad-Peshawar motorway. That venture was awarded to a Turkish firm M/S Bayinder. The Turkish President similarly witnessed the signing ceremony of Pehur High Level Canal Project in Peshawar, which was sanctioned to another Turkish company M/S STFA. Pakistan’s Foreign Minister visited Turkey from 6th to 9th of August 1997. The Foreign Minister with his Turkish counterpart Mr. Ismail Cem discussed in details and met with Prime Minister Mesut yilmaz and President Suleyman Demril. After one year Prime Minister Nawaz Shrif also paid a visit ot Istanbul (Turkey) to participate in the First D-8 Summit which had to be started on 15 June, 1998 (Pakistan Foreign Relations, 1997). In April 1998, Turkish Foreign Minister Visited Islamabad and stated that,’The trade volume of the two countries with the rest of the world is some $100 billion, Unfortunately the annual trade between them is just $ 150 million, which is very small as compared to their total world trade figure and the very close political ties that the two countries enjoy’ (The Nation April 3, 1998) An Overview of Turkey Trade in 1990’s In the decade of Nineteen hundred nineties the commercial tendencies between these two brotherly states was on mounting tendency. The exports from Pakistan to Turkey were increased from Rs. 1866 million to Rs. 3162 million in the year 1990-91 to 1999-2000. Imports from Turkey to Pakistan also enhanced from Rs. 1111 million to Rs. 5516 million during that period. It proved that during this decade export between these two partner countries was on growing tendency with the deficit balance was Rs. 4677 million. Turkey remained the major trade partner of Pakistan in whole era. The major export items of Turkey to Pakistan among others industrial goods (especially communications material like cables, etc. chemicals and food stuff). Pakistani exports to Turkey were consisted of cotton yarn and other textile products mainly. It was also observed that level of commercial exchanges does not reveal the real trade potential between two countries. Trade of Turkey with Pakistan was very nominal, considering its 1996 level of trade vol>

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